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Motorsport Consulting

I love my roles as responsible engineer, trackside support, data analyst, driver coach & race strategist in customer racing.

Software Engineering

In about 20 years since I started coding, I’ve gained extensive expertise in software engineering, development, enhancement, and specification.

Connecting Drivers with Customer Racing Teams

To build sustainable relationships, I believe in a fundamental approach by actively listening to customers, providing distinctive support, and delivering exceptional service.

This is the extra mile I go with you: Driven by Your Challenges

Marcel Dück Consulting

  • Planning a motorsport program? Require assistance with your team, customer relations, or social media management? I’m here to dedicate my time, expertise, and effort to ensure your team stays strong, your tasks get done, your customers remain satisfied and your cars stay on track.
  • Struggling with your software project? Falling short of quality expectations and facing customer demands for the next release? I offer expertise to swiftly design and implement effective solutions, helping you align with your release schedule and maximize customer satisfaction.

This is the extra mile I go with you: Driven by Your Challenges

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